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Etudes Migration Request Form

Use this form to request assistance with migrating content from your Etudes course site to Canvas.

Migration of your Etudes course site to a Canvas course site takes several steps and requires a basic knowledge of Canvas. So, you are strongly encouraged to complete training in the use of Canvas BEFORE you start your migration process. Visit our Learning Canvas webpage for details about training opportunities.

An automated “Etudes to Canvas Migration Tool”is available to help you transfer the following content from Etudes sites to Canvas sites -
  • modules
  • quizzes
  • discussions 
However, the “Etudes to Canvas Migration Tool” will not transfer any of your other course materials. These materials need to be transferred to Canvas manually. The materials that need to be transferred manually include:
  • announcements
  • syllabus
  • links
  • homepages
Please note that no matter how you migrate your course site, your Canvas site will NOT be a replica of your Etudes site because each course management system has unique tools and features.

If you want to complete your course site migration on your own, review the Migration site in Canvas detailed instructions.

In order to complete this form, please be prepared to:
  • Identify which existing Etudes course sites that you want to migrate to Canvas and list their Etudes titles (e.g., FH SOC 001 PG F16)
  • Prioritize these sites chronologically, in terms of which ones need to be migrated first
4. Do you plan to re-imagine your online course sites by starting fresh with Canvas or do you want the content from your Etudes course site copied to Canvas? (check all that apply)
5. We will set up "Development" sites in Canvas for you to use for migration purposes.
Which Etudes course sites do you need to migrate?
Please list the titles of your Etudes course sites in priority order.
Foothill Online Learning staff can provide you with the following assistance to migrate content from your Etudes course sites to Canvas:
  • Full assistance to copy all content from ONE Etudes site into a Canvas Development site
  • Partial assistance, with just the manual migration
  • Partial assistance, with just the automated migration
  • Instructional design consultation about giving your existing course site a makeover or redesign
  • Set up a Development course site
6. What type of assistance do you want for each of your Etudes course sites?
Space Cell Full assistance (only ONE site)Partial for manualPartial for automatedInstructional design consultationCanvas Development Site
7. Do you want assistance to make all your course site content meet accessibility requirements?